Monday, July 9, 2018

Good night little fella

Good night little fella.

Close your eyes,
Hold your hand,
Forget everything today,
Because tomorrow is the new day.

Good night little fella.

Hopefully your will have sweet dreams,
Forget sadness in your life,
It will pass eventually,
Tomorrow is the new story,
In your life.

Good night little fella.

Thanks for everything,
Your always been there for me,
Now it times for me,
To be side by side with you.

Close your eyes.
Sweet dreams little fella.


dear anies said...

lagu ya?

At-Tarmizi said...

dear anies...bukan,saya saja tulis suka-suka :)

Warisan Petani said...

Tak berapa retis basa omputih ni

Hans Hanis said...

berhabuk tulis english

Dunia Zumal said...


At-Tarmizi said...

Saya pun tengah belajar sikit-sikit :)

At-Tarmizi said...

Boleh lah sikit-sikit :)

At-Tarmizi said...


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