Thursday, April 26, 2018

Little boy

Little boy,
Holding hand with his mama,
Never knew that someday,
He had to walk alone...

Little boy,
Holding uptight to your mama,
Because one day,
You have to grew up,

Little boy,
Cry for help if you have to,
Because sooner or later,
No one really cares about you,
Feeling anymore...

Little boy,
Let me be honest with you,
The real love you get,
Comes from your parents,
That always thinks the best,
For you...

Little boy,
Real life,real world,
Is not easy,
For little boy that keep running,
Away from hard situation,

Little boy,
Thanks for all the memories,
We have together,
We must take our own paths now,

Hopefully we will meet again someday...

Little boy, thanks once again for all the memories.

Live, love,lost.

The end.


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