Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lost in Light

Poem: Lost in Light

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There is a boy,
Actually he already a man,
But for him, that just in his number of age,
Inside his mind, he firmly believe,
He still a boy,
That want to play everyday.

He live in  a crowded society,
It just consist of human,
Not humanity.

Be a man,
Face the realities now,
Change the way you are now,
Insists some of his friend,
The boy begin to feel,
Lost in light.

Along his walking,
He take a look,
In other people surroundings,
Some of them have reach checkpoint,
Wins a special prizes,
Have a smile,
In their face.

In his journey,
He ask himself,
The uncertain story,
That will happen.

It seems just a repeat story,
He feels exhausted,
Keep going on the journey.

It seems happen,
Just stand still,
And days gone day by day.

This story about today,
Just keep walking,
Keep searching.

Every time he open his eye,
Still alive,
Still looking,
Meaning of life.

He hold his hand tight,
Keep it close to heart,
Hoping he will not get lost,
Lost in light.

written by: At-Tarmizi.
date been created: do not remember

*forgive me for any grammar errors, I still in learning process* 


mrhanafi said...

ya..kalau tiada cahaya memang boleh sesat tu

At-Tarmizi said...

Hanafi Abdullah kadangkala ada cahaya pun masih boleh sesat betul x? :)

Unni anje said...

btl tu.. tpi kdng2 ada cahya pun still boleh sesat :(

At-Tarmizi said...

Unni Anje betul...ada cahay pun masih boleh sesat inikan pula dalam kegelapan =)

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