Thursday, November 24, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

This poem is dedicated to someone I knows that have a strong patient

The Patient Brother

He is just like another human being,

However,his life is very challenging,

Being ignore and a victim of bullying,


He still very patient...................

Look mother,
Here come the patient brother,
Mother give a beautiful smile and says,

The past experience have teach him,

How anger destroy a humanity,

Now he try to be the best patient brother that mother ever see...

Want to hear his past experience story???

He have been scolded for million times...

Because luck is not with him,

World looks unfair to him,

One day,he exploit like a volcano,

Oh no,

Like mother have says,anger destroy humanity

But,the magic of family,

Make him realise,how important he to the family,

Without him,family become lonely,

He even keep quiet when breadwinner look down and scold on him while he was eating...........this is the reason "The Patient Brother" poem beeing created.


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